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                                PIZZA              HELPS!!

Step into the Flavorful World of Green Mosaic

Buckle up, taste adventurers! Get ready to dive into the vibrant universe of Green Mosaic, right smack in the heart of London. We're not your average joint – we're the culinary sensation that'll knock your socks off while giving a high-five to Mother Earth.

Picture this: pizzas that aren't just slices of heaven but are also best buddies with sustainability. Our pizza game is strong, boasting genuine flavors that will tango with your taste buds and eco-friendly ingredients that Mother Nature would high-five us for.

But hey, we're not a one-hit wonder. Our menu's an all-day fiesta featuring salads that dance, sides that groove, and breakfast that starts your day with a mic drop. And let's not forget our coffee crew – they're like the hype squad your taste buds need, whether it's sunrise or you're in a midday funk.

World-traveler alert! Our culinary adventure spans from St. Petersburg's quaint lanes to London's bustling vibes. The result? We're practically culinary wizards, dishing up the pure magic of Southern European flavors with a side of sustainability.

Hold onto your forks, folks! Green Mosaic isn't just a restaurant – it's a lifestyle. We're all about jazzing up your taste buds with flavors that sizzle and a commitment to sustainability that's cooler than your favorite retro vinyl. Get ready for a food experience that's Insta-worthy and planet-friendly, all rolled into one.

So, what's the scoop? Green Mosaic is your ticket to a foodie fiesta that's buzzing with flavor, funk, and a whole lot of eco-love. Join us in savoring Southern European inspired goodness while giving a shout-out to the planet. Your taste buds  will thank you later!



Unleash the Flavor, Unleash the Fun!

Whether it's Pizzazz-Packed Birthdays,

Savory Celebrations, or Breakfast Bonanzas,

Green Mosaic's Got Your Back!

Reach Out Now and Let's Get this Party Rollin'




97 Leather Lane

London, EC1N 7TS

020 3556 4775



Broadway Shopping Center

London, W6 9YD

020 8563 2331

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